Providing support for high street businesses

2020 was an incredibly difficult year for high street businesses. Big national retailers disappeared from the high street, numerous independent businesses have faced unprecedented challenges from the effect of lockdowns on trade and the issues that the high street faced previously have only been accentuated and accelerated by the pandemic. Despite this there has been limited support for businesses. And whilst the focus and reporting on this is all rather gloomy we would rather focus and build upon some of the positive things that high street businesses did in 2020 and can look forward to in 2021.

The adaptability and resilience we have seen from businesses and the places that support them has been incredible to see. Talking to many high street business owners over the last few months we have heard about your efforts whether it be getting through lockdowns at short notice, pivoting to selling online or preparing for when things begin to reopen.  We want you to know that we are by your side and keen to help you in ANY way that we can. It’s been equally brilliant to see and hear about people valuing their local communities more, shopping local and with a more ethical and sustainable focus. We are sure that once lockdown ends these trends will continue.

All this reflection brings us back to what we can do at ParkingPerx to continue to support local high street businesses in their post Covid recovery efforts when lockdown comes to an end and prepare them to flourish in 2021.

Our main aim has always been to provide support for local high street businesses but we are always thinking about how we can do more for those fabulous high street businesses that form a critical part of the identity and make up of our local streets, village towns and cities.

We provide support for high street businesses through the ParkingPerx app. With this we can help businesses:


  • Drive footfall –by promoting your offers on our ParkingPerx app and via our regular emails, website and social media.
  • Increase spend – by offering a ParkingPerx reward, based on a minimum spend.
  • Generate repeat business – by rewarding customers with FREE PARKING when they spend with you enticing them to return to your store again and again.
  • Target customers in REAL TIME when they arrive and move around the city.

But as we said local high street businesses deserve and need more. That is why we have adjusted our sign up process to provide even more support for businesses.

We will now cover the initial £100 deposit to become a ParkingPerx Business Partner for the next 25 businesses to come on board. That’s right - £100 to start rewarding your customers with free parking.

Let us make that clearer!

Let’s say the average customer spend in your store is £15. If you set your ParkingPerx Offer so that your customers earned £1 Perx for spending a minimum of £20 with your business.

A £100 deposit in your Merchant Account would leverage £2,000 of spending in your store!

What’s even better is that the £100 pounds you gift to consumers is only making them happier by allowing them to park for free – solving a long term pain point for customers. Now they can park for longer and more importantly shop with you for longer. It’s a great way to generate positive PR and goodwill for your business.

Try it out at NO RISK – with this offer you can try out the solution for FREE. If it doesn’t work for your business you haven’t lost anything. If it does work then you can top up to leverage more spending in your store.

Where’s the catch? There isn’t one!

No subscription fees – we don’t charge monthly fees.

Opt out at any time – you’re in control.

Full control to shape the rewards you offer.

Only pay a small fee when a customer makes the minimum spend in your store and ONLY once the deposit we provide runs out.

Let’s get you signed up so that you’re ready for the shoppers when the high street reopens…