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of Consumers say they would come to town centres more often if it was cheaper to do so.

in 6 out of 10

town centres, businesses cited car parking as their biggest barrier to trade.


of Consumers surveyed stated they would use the ParkingPerx App habitually

ParkingPerx - how it works

Watch our handy video to find out how ParkingPerx works for shoppers, starting with downloading the app, all the way through to earning Perx and using them to reduce or eliminate their parking charges.


You're in full control

You decide…

• How much of a reward you want to give.
• What qualifies for a reward by setting a minimum spend*.
• Whether the reward is a fixed amount or a percentage of spend.
• How much you want to give away using either, a cap on the number of customers rewarded* or a cap on the total value of reward you give*.
• If you want to restrict the rewards to between given dates and times.
• To link the rewards to the purchase of specific goods or services.

A measurable return on your investment

Know the cost of customer acquisition and easily measure your ROI.

You decide the minimum spend and the rewards given.
No sale. No fee. You only pay when customers make a qualifying purchase.
No monthly fees*.
No long term contract – opt in or out at any time*.
Easily track and measure the average spend of ParkingPerx customers.
Easily measure how the solution drives new or repeat customers.

How this helps you

Business Improvement District

Benefit from customer insight & engagement

We create a profile of town centre users using their Merchant engagement history across all participating businesses.

Enhanced Marketing

Enhanced marketing

List your offers and rewards on the ParkingPerx app and see them promoted directly via our regular emails, website and social media.

Instant Reward

Instant reward

Qualifying purchases will immediately be rewarded to your customers.


Business as usual

We use ‘card-linked’ loyalty. Consumers register their debit / credit card once and pay as normal at the till. No staff training required.

Collaborative Loyalty 1

Collaborative loyalty

Customers are rewarded for spending across multiple location-based Merchant businesses so they can enjoy variety.


Compelling buy-in

ParkingPerx delivers something more persuasive than your usual merchant-based loyalty points by eliminating the hassle and cost of parking.

Got a question? We’ve got the answers.

You'll receive fully managed business support, a Merchant portal to review your campaigns' performance, multiple marketing channels, and point of sale materials.

Each qualifying transaction could cost as little as 30p. You only pay a transaction fee when a customer makes a qualifying purchase in your store that has been set by you. Download our Business Value Proposition Pack to see further details.

Yes. ParkingPerx works across a huge number of sectors.

There is NO minimum term if you sign up as a standard customer – you can opt out at any time.

There is no need for any equipment or software to be deployed or installed at your store. Customers will purchase your goods / services as normal using their Debit / Credit cards at your POS. There is no change to consumer behaviour at the till and no need for staff training.

NO – our system works by tracking spending activity through the Mastercard / Visa platform and therefore does not need any hardware or software to be deployed at your till.

NO training is needed to deploy our solution. Our full business support will look after setting you up and even creating your offers for you.
Note though that you will also have access to our online Business Partner Portal which provides comprehensive reports, insight and analysis on how the scheme is working for you. Our Business Partner Portal includes a full help system, knowledge engine, FAQs, ‘how to’ instructional content including videos and we offer full business support via our Helpdesk but no on site training will be provided.

We basically need a description of the offer, your terms and conditions, your logo / any imagery you want to use, any minimum spend requirements, whether the reward is a fixed amount or a percentage of spend, what the value of that reward amount / percentage is, whether there are any caps in terms of the number of rewards given / total value of rewards and whether there are any date / time restrictions.

We can complete an offer process request normally within around 15 minutes.

You can create as many offers as you like, but only one qualifying offer can be live at any one time and applied to any single purchase transaction. Remember that we are simply confirming the basket value of each Consumer’s purchase – this can therefore only be linked to one offer. So for example, you could have a ‘tiered offer’ where the reward is different at different levels of spend, eg “Spend £20 and earn 3%, Spend £50 and earn 5%”. The Consumer spend would either qualify for the 3% reward, the 5% reward or not qualify – these are mutually exclusive. As another example, you could have two separate offers, one which applies Monday to Thursdays during quiet periods and a different offer at the weekends – but again, only one of these would be live and applied to a purchase transaction at any one time.

As part of our plans for our next release of the software, we are introducing offers that can be linked to specific products or services. This would facilitate multiple offers to be live at one time.

When you create the offer you can set a given expiry Date / time but you can also suspend an offer at any time.

YES – but there needs to be a minimum notice period to Consumers. This is effectively the same as suspending an existing offer and creating a new one with a different minimum spend.

Each Business sets the start and end dates / times for any offers available.

YES – where a Consumer uses their registered card to pay for click and collect, they can earn ParkingPerx rewards as long as their purchase qualifies against the minimum spend.

There are none. We are only initially launching with a standard membership which has no monthly fees. Our future plans include the introduction of a premium membership level which will offer more benefits, functionality and support as well as reduced transaction fees.

Rewards collected are not subject to VAT but our Transaction Fees are. You will receive a full monthly invoice for all activity via your account.

You can have multiple stores that are linked to a single Business (and therefore a single User Account).
You can create different offers for each store and you will be able to monitor and analyse the performance of your offers across all of your different stores.
As we expand to other locations, you will be able to manage all your stores across all locations under one Business Account.

YES. We will be delivering training to the current car park operators and their staff and plan to deploy additional staff during an initial go live period.

This is currently only a smartphone solution. Those that do not have a smartphone and who do not choose to download the app will be able to participate or benefit from the scheme.

NO – our solution has been designed to integrate with different car park systems including barrier control and payment systems.

Customers can submit a query relating to unqualified rewards from within the app will receive a response within 48 hours. Our support team will work to investigate any claims directly via our interface with the MasterCard / Visa platform. Any verified purchases where a reward was not given will be rectified within 7 days.

Technical issues relating to the working of the app that can not be resolved using our in app Help are escalated to our technical team and a response will be received within 24 hours.

Currently, only card payments can be processed via the solution.
However, we are working on an enhancement that will allow businesses to validate cash purchases at the till and we plan to deliver this option in a future release.

They simply need to register their new cards. They can remove old / lost / unused cards at any time.

YES. Merchants will receive regular performance monitoring reports and can access our comprehensive dashboard and reports at any time via the Merchant Portal.

YES. ParkingPerx is an independent loyalty scheme from proprietary loyalty programs. Businesses who join the scheme will be rewarding based upon qualified card-linked spending in addition to any current schemes and methods of reward qualification.

Each participating business will receive POS and shop window materials that they can use at their discretion.

Each participating Merchant will be provided with digital assets that can be used as part of their own marketing channels.

As well as being included in the app, participating businesses and their offers will be promoted through the ParkingPerx marketing channels which includes social media and direct emails to ParkingPerx users. In addition, businesses can be included in smart messaging notifications to users when they arrive in and move around the location (note that this is an optional extra that has a cost).

YES. We can provide full support in the creation of your offers.

YES. An offer can have caps applied in terms of the number of customers / instances or the overall financial spend associated with the offer. Once these caps are reached, the offer is suspended automatically.


This is shown in the app along with navigation tools.

The app proactively prompts the user with notifications that include easy to follow instructions and choices and includes a comprehensive Help and How To sections.

ParkingPerx provides a live, real time transaction feed to existing patrol services for Pay on Entry Car Parks for this purpose.

PCN’s will be issued in accordance with parking rules. ParkingPerx is one of a number of ways of paying for your parking and a real time record of payments is made available to enforcement officers via our back-office systems.

*ParkingPerx Pilot Research 2017
**“Town Centre Parking – how it adds up”, People & Places 2017,