Introducing...the ParkingPerx Payment Card

The ParkingPerx Payment Card is the new way to pay for parking in Sunderland. These cards will allow users to pay for their parking in St Mary’s, Sunniside and the Bridges car parks in Sunderland easily and quickly – and for FREE!

1. Download the app and register your personal Debit and Credit Cards on your account

2. Earn Perx as you shop online or on the high street (these are credited to your account immediately)

3. Pay for your parking in Sunderland via contactless payment using your ParkingPerx Payment Card in the same way that you would with any other Debit/Credit Card!

(Remember if it is your first time using the ParkingPerx Payment Card card you will need to activate it within the app using the instructions set out in your welcome letter AND pay via chip and pin on your first attempt as a security measure)

If you have any questions about how ParkingPerx works, visit our Knowledge Base, or email us at [email protected].



How the ParkingPerx Payment Card works:

View here or on YouTube.