Working Together

We need a collaborative approach to boosting the local economy. Offering free parking to consumers has been championed by many local businesses as a way to stimulate local spending.

We know it’s effective but not sustainable for local authorities – especially when encouraging free parking contradicts your efforts to reduce carbon emissions in your locations, to meet the Climate Change Act targets.

What if there was a way of offering FREE Parking WITHOUT the Local Authority losing revenues? AND through it, you could incentivise greener ways of travel and parking too?

Well, there is…

Our solution

ParkingPerx delivers the offer of free parking but links it directly to spending in the town centre. It’s a disruptive tool that uplifts footfall, spending and location loyalty – everyone’s a winner!

Consumers are rewarded for supporting their local high street by earning Perx when they make qualifying purchases at participating merchants. Our solution collects these rewards from merchants and pays this across to car park operators when consumers redeem their Perx to pay for their parking. You can incentivise how and when rewards are given too for example, by rewarding consumers using out-of-town car parks or Park and Ride schemes, or those using electric vehicles, so the scheme can align with your Green Agenda.


Introducing ParkingPerx in detail

The new car parking model

We disrupt the traditional car parking model:

– Merchants pay towards parking fees in exchange for uplifted spending in their stores.

– Consumers are rewarded for supporting their local high street, redeeming their Perx to pay for their parking.

– And ParkingPerx collects these rewards from merchants and pays these funds directly to car park operators.

Car park operators benefit from increased occupancy rates (and therefore revenues) due to the compelling offer of FREE parking. Merchants benefit from increased in store spending, greater footfall and repeat custom. Local authorities have the option to provide a stakeholder subsidy which leverages measurable direct spending in the local economy.

But that’s not all…

ParkingPerx also provides...



Understand how your location is used and by who, when and how - allowing you to repurpose your high street and shape the future of your town centre.


A Joint Effort

Local authorities, merchants, BIDs, consumers and car park operators work together to generate a win-win solution to boost our high streets.


Support for your Green Agenda

You can subsidise consumer rewards to support greener parking initiatives;
- Incentivise out of town parking
- Incentivise and reward electric vehicle users
- Incentivise private car owners in to making a modal shift to public transport
- Incentivise e-bike and other healthy activity schemes

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Entrepreneur and former Dragon, Jenny Campbell said:

“I knew this was a game-changer as soon as I heard about it in the Den.”

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The ParkingPerx Board has a wealth of experience in a range of sectors from retail to technology, including former Dragon, Jenny Campbell who also invested in the business on BBC Dragons’ Den.

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