Drive loyalty in your district

We have developed ParkingPerx to be the loyalty solution that benefits all ‘location’ stakeholders.


Free parking is offered to consumers who spend in participating businesses, removing the barrier of parking costs to high street spending.

Local merchants gain from increased footfall and average spend in their businesses.

Higher occupancy rates in car parks mean increased revenues for car park operators.

Local authorities can deliver support to local businesses and address their call for FREE parking without losing revenues.

A platform to promote your initiatives

ParkingPerx provides an ideal channel for Business Improvement Districts to market directly to consumers to promote your events, activities and initiatives – even allowing you to engage in real-time when consumers are within your location. Not to mention the great PR opportunities associated with bringing free parking to the high street…

Learn more about your location

ParkingPerx maps the consumer journey linking travel and parking data with activity on the high street. This GDPR compliant Smart Cities data allows you to understand how your location is used and by who, when and where they come from, where they park and which merchants they are engaging with – which tells you WHY they are there. This allows you to learn about private car users, repurpose your high street and shape the future of your town centre.

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Going Green

Supporting you to deploy a strategy that will deliver on your carbon footprint reduction agenda.


An extension to your team

Large or small, we know BIDs are pulled in all directions. Our team will support you to implement the solution in your area.

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