How to earn Perx

There are three ways to earn Perx to redeem against parking costs:

  • Earn instore
  • Earn online
  • Redeem instore

Filter by type in the app when you click ‘Earn’ in the menu.

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Where can I earn Perx?

ParkingPerx is now live in Sunderland and is coming to more places very soon. If you would like your town or city to be next on our list contact us and we’ll make it happen!

Our Locations

A loyalty scheme for spending on your high street

Yes, it’s true! You can get rewarded for your loyalty to your favourite national and independent shops on your nearest high street.

We reward you with Perx which can be swapped for payment against parking costs. No more worrying about parking costs in town centre car parks or spending more on your parking space than your cinema ticket…

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"I use ParkingPerx so that I can park for free whilst I shop or take my kids to the cinema, and support my local businesses after such a hard year."

Chris, ParkingPerx user

How to get started

Step 1


Download the app

Step 2


Register for your account and securely add your personal debit and credit cards.

Step 3


Browse offers from your favourite brands and earn Perx online or in-store using your registered personal debit and credit cards.

Step 4

You’re In

Use your ParkingPerx payment card to pay for your parking at payment machines or on your usual parking payment app.

Got a question?

Our Knowledge Base covers all our Frequently Asked Questions, but if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact our team.

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What's in it for you?

about us

Download the app

Free app for Android and Apple


No need for coins

Forget rummaging for change. Simply use your ParkingPerx Payment card at the payment machine


No speaking to robots

Set your length of stay and pay via your app.


No location codes

Your wireless 'handshake' occurs when you enter the car park.


No rushing back to your car

The app reminds you if your ticket is about to expire and allows you to top up.

Parking Ticket

No danger of a ticket

Navigate to ParkingPerx spaces and park in a participating car park.

Saving your high street

With multiple parking locations and business partnerships across the UK and many more on the way, now is the time to be rewarded for spending on your high street.

Offers range from spending in certain stores, at certain times or on certain items so there is something for everyone. Your spending on the high street supports local businesses and keeps town centres vibrant, useful and community-focussed. It’s a win-win!