Our roadmap to accelerate recovery

Even before the COVID-19 situation, ParkingPerx was designed as a solution to help reinvigorate the high street. Our innovative, multi-award winning product has now been enhanced, in light of the current situation. Our objective is to provide a tool that will aid and accelerate recovery, restore confidence and help repurpose the high street.

ParkingPerx – a loyalty solution unlike any other

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Post COVID-19 Recovery Tool

Benefits of ParkingPerx

• Helping Local Businesses recover post lockdown
• A ‘thank you’ that rewards Consumers who support their local high street
• A tool to leverage direct spending in the local economy using any available disaster recovery funds
• Accurate method of qualifying and measuring spending via the Mastercard / Visa platform
• Promoting the use of contactless payments to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus
• Uses Smart Beacon technology to assist with maintaining social distancing measures
• Rewarding online spend with free / discounted town centre parking to incentivise a return to the high street

Boosted Footfall & prosperity

Link the opportunity for free parking to spending on the high street:

• Free parking will attract greater customer footfall to parking facilities and enhance revenue opportunities for Car Park Operators and town centre businesses alike.
• Enhance your PR by offering this unique opportunity, while also attracting repeat custom and driving loyalty through in-app offers.
• Create upselling opportunities by linking higher spending with greater rewards
• Easily measure how the solution drives new vs repeat customers and create different strategies for each type

Location Insight and analysis

Discover your audience’s patterns and routines

• Anonymised and aggregated data provides ‘Smart Cities’ insights and analysis on when, where, why and by whom our towns and city centres are being used.
• Key data about transport corridors to help formulate planning and policy on public transport provision, parking provision, commercial and residential development.
• Measure the impact of events, incidents, promotions, policies – even the weather! on how your location is used
• Much more insightful than footfall cameras or wifi / smart device trackers, ParkingPerx actually measures where people spend their money, with which types of businesses and on what and links this to where they have parked and where they came from.
• Easily distinguish between shoppers, tourists, leisure seekers or commuters and build a location to match their needs which leads to increased vibrancy.

The benefits don't stop there, either.
Help to restore confidence

Business Improvement District

Benefit from customer insight & engagement

We create a profile of town centre users using their Merchant engagement history across all participating businesses.

Enhanced Marketing

Enhanced marketing

List your offers and rewards on the ParkingPerx app and see them promoted directly via our regular emails, website and social media.

Instant Reward

Instant reward

Qualifying purchases will immediately be rewarded to your customers.


Business as usual

Consumers register their debit / credit card once and pay as normal at the till. No staff training required.

Collaborative Loyalty 1

Collaborative loyalty

Customers are rewarded for spending across multiple location-based Merchant businesses so they can enjoy variety.


Compelling buy-in

ParkingPerx delivers something more persuasive than your usual merchant-based loyalty points by eliminating the hassle and cost of parking.

Parking Perx.
Let's start the recovery. Together. Today.