ParkingPerx has announced the formation of its highly experienced Board of Directors.

The appointments come following co-investment by Mercia Technologies and BBC Dragon Jenny Campbell. The team, which comes from a wide range of sectors, has been specifically designed to bring value and traction in different areas.

Chris Reed, ParkingPerx’s founder, said: “ParkingPerx involves several stakeholders from very different specialties. Whether it’s town centre merchants, car park operators, consumers, local authorities, or place managers, we have different audiences, each of which require different strategies.

“I needed to assemble a team with experienced business minds, who will help the company grow from strength to strength. I also focussed on gaining team members who have a specific knowledge in these specialist areas. I am delighted – I have my dream team! And then of course I also have a Dragon!”

Taking up the position of Chair of the Board, Diane Cheesebrough announced her passion for the business: “ProxiSmart is an exciting and compelling prospect bringing forward products that will support Smart Cities and the environment for years to come. I am extremely proud to be involved.”

The Redu Group’s CCO and CEO, Sam Morton and Gary Hunter, Place Management Consultant and former CEO of the Association of Town Centre Management, Martin Blackwell, Operations Director at Dransfield Properties, Medi Parry-Williams, and Managing Director at Advance Northumberland, Ken Dunbar also join Cheesebrough on the Board.

Dragons’ Den’s Jenny Campbell is convinced that this team will help propel ParkingPerx to success and remove the pain of parking to bring the UK’s High Street back to life. She added: “It’s an incredibly impressive Board. Chris has surrounded himself with very talented, experienced people. I’m looking forward to adding value, but I now know the Company is in good hands.”

I am delighted – I have my dream team! And then of course I also have a Dragon!

Chris Reed