We love free parking – so do consumers.

And small business owners.

But we know it’s not sustainable for local authorities – you can’t continue to lose revenues indefinitely and with 71% of local authorities declaring a climate emergency, it just doesn’t align with your green agendas.

ParkingPerx is not just a high street recovery solution, it can also be a key tool in your “green” toolbox if implemented in specific ways to incentivise the change in behaviour you need from your locality in order to meet decarbonisation targets such as:

  • 5% reduction in the number of trips by 2050
  • 2.5% reduction in distance travelled by 2030 and 13% by 2050
  • 10% reduction in car use compared to other travel methods
  • 66% of all new car sales to be battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2030



We put merchants in control of when and how they reward their customers with Perx, but we can also give control to the local authorities about when and where the rewards can be redeemed, thus giving you the opportunity to incentivise the behaviours you want to increase in your area.

For example:

  • Decrease parking in the town centre by only allowing Perx to be redeemed in out-of-town car parks or offer bonus Perks for those redeeming out-of-town
  • Reward electric vehicle users or those travelling by e-bike by linking vehicle registration on the app to redemption of rewards (in only targeted car park for instance)
  • Provide bonus rewards to those travelling outside peak times
  • Double Perx rewards for those using Park-and-Ride schemes to reduce travel in the city centre



Once ParkingPerx is implemented across your location, we can collect data on private car users registered on the app (GDPR compliant) and record how often, and more importantly why, they are making their journeys. This gives you the data to help formulate policy and directly incentivise those car users to make a modal shift to greener ways to travel. Understanding how people use your location is the key to nudging them to make greener choices.


Perx on public transport

We don’t intend to stop at private car parking either. Our sister application TravelPerx allows users to reduce the cost of using public transport using their Perx. It will be rolled out in its first location in Scotland in collaboration with the GoHi app in January 2022 – more information coming soon.

If you’d like to discuss these opportunities in more detail, email [email protected] and we will be in touch. Our section for Local¬†Authorities has more information and video content to explain how¬†ParkingPerx works for all stakeholders.