ParkingPerx: the next generation


We’re excited to introduce you to our graduate team; Rachael, Adam and Jet who joined us fresh-faced and raring to go…just before lockdown! Now reunited, they’re busy injecting fresh new ideas, skills and perspectives into everything we do.

Here they tell us why they chose to work for an award-winning, Dragon-backed start-up.


So what did you do before joining ParkingPerx?

Adam: After securing a degree in History and a Masters in Global Marketing, I worked at the University of York as a fundraiser – cutting my teeth in direct selling! – and Novotel York where I was able to hone my digital media skills.

Jet: I graduated with a Masters in Business with Marketing Management from Northumbria University after studying in the UK, Australia and South Korea and working on a few consultancy projects for businesses such as Seenin and Brand Ami.

Rachael: I attended Northumbria University, same as Jet, and whilst studying I did pro bono work in the Student Law Office helping with employment disputes. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer and followed that path for a few years but I wanted to use my passion for business, and my creative and organisation skills, and so I applied to work here instead.


What attracted you to the snack-filled, fast-paced offices of ProxiSmart?

Adam: As an aspiring entrepreneur, I saw this as a good place to learn the ropes. Being located in the North East was also a bonus and I had also seen Chris’ pitch on Dragon’s Den. It sounded like a challenging role and I like a challenge.

Jet: I saw the pitch on Dragon’s Den and was impressed with the team and their ideas to drive the business forward. I wanted to help a small business grow and I thought ProxiSmart offered a great blend of being able to learn a lot, whilst also influencing a lot.

Rachael: Reading about ParkingPerx and watching Chris on Dragon’s Den, I was really excited about how the product could be used to rejuvenate the high street and could see how passionate he was about making the product a success. I wanted to be a part of this journey from start to finish.

This role was entirely unique from anything else I’d seen as we get the opportunity to work on EVERYTHING – product development, marketing, sales, relationship management and much more! The experiences we will gain within this role are second to none.


What’s the best thing about working here?

Adam: There are different tasks day to day, so I’m learning a lot. The people are also great (although I don’t want to stroke their egos too much!)

Jet: I really enjoy the working environment; being surrounded by good people makes you feel appreciated and motivated to work hard. I especially love the meetings as you see everyone’s perspective on certain elements and how the ideas flow. We’re learning from people who have years’ of experience, looking at everything from the top level to the bottom level and how it all links together.

Rachael: Sounds cringey, but it really is the people. Chris really values the wellbeing and enjoyment of his team, so the atmosphere in the office is ambitious and hardworking, but also fun and supportive.


Keep an eye on our social media (below) to see what these guys get up to day-to-day. We’ll also use our social channels to promote vacancies when we’re next growing the team so if you are interested in what we’re doing and want to be part of it, follow us for updates.