Drive loyalty in your district

ParkingPerx delivers a collaborative approach to location loyalty across all participating Merchants. Free parking is offered to Consumers who shop in participating high street stores to remove the pain points of parking and increase footfall.

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Promote your events and activities

Generate PR opportunities and facilitate a direct marketing channel to consumers to promote any BID events/activities. This will then allow you to engage in real time when Consumers are within your location.

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How this helps you


Create reinvestment opportunities

Run competitions where prizes are purchases from local independent traders.

Business Improvement District

Measurable ROI

Discover the level and value of uplifted footfall and spending through audits and analysis of parking session data.


Community engagement

Breakage from collected Perx rewards are distributed to local charities and initiatives based on ParkingPerx Consumers' preferences.

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ParkingPerx is a loyalty program like no other. It rewards direct spending in offline, town centre businesses with a high value reward – the opportunity for free Parking. This is a much more compelling offer than proprietary loyalty schemes and Consumers can redeem their rewards immediately and any unused ParkingPerx can be used on their next visit – encouraging repeat custom and location loyalty.

We charge BIDs a monthly subscription fee. A minimum contract is 12 months. Details can be found by contacting our Sales Team via the Contact page of our website.

ParkingPerx maps the consumer journey from start to finish. This includes where they live, where they park, which merchants they engage with, how much money they spend, and what they spend on.

This generates powerful data which, when anonymised and aggregated, provides 'Smart Cities' insight and analysis on when, where, why, and by whom our towns and city centres are being used.

This also provides key data about transport corridors. All of this can be used to help formulate planning and policy on public transport provision, parking provision, commercial, residential development, and more.

The BID will be given a user account to our Webportal. This contains a comprehensive dashboard, reports, analysis and insights about uptake, spending, engagement, impact and more – all about your location.

YES – ParkingPerx can be used by the BID to send smart messages to users when they arrive in and move around your location. This could be used, for example, to promote other events and activities that the BID are undertaking
We are also planning to introduce two way engagement to this feature – which would allow the BID to create simple questions / surveys and gather feedback from Location Consumers.

We work in partnership with the BID to engage directly with Merchants and Consumers. Our most successful deployments are where the BID are actively involved. We will use your existing B2B and B2C channels and will provide an implementation budget when it comes to marketing. Full details of our implementation framework can be ascertained by getting in touch with our support team.