Remove the middle man - collect from the Businesses

Remove the hassle of collection thanks to ParkingPerx. Consumers earn parking credit by spending in offline establishments. This credit is collected from businesses and paid directly to Parking Operators. Find out how this solution can benefit you today.

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Two ways to implement

We have two ways to implement ParkingPerx in your car park: app payment or use of a ParkingPerx Payment Card.

The video to the right explains one of the options available to you – payment via the payment card – and below the button will take you to another video which explains the alternative option.

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Boost prosperity

High street spending equals free parking. Increase your PR too by offering this unique opportunity, while also attracting repeat custom and driving loyalty through in-app offers.

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How this helps you


Increase occupancy rates

Free parking will attract greater customer footfall to your facilities and enhance revenue opportunities.

Cost Reduction

Reduce operating costs

Remove handling costs of cash transactions and receive periodic payments from Merchants.

Business Improvement District

ROI measurement

Audits and analysis of parking session data enables measurement of the solution's impact to the economy.

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You can increase your occupancy rates, reduce your operating costs, and gather data on your consumers thanks to detailed audits and analysis. It's a new way of collecting parking fees by collecting directly from Businesses instead of Consumers.

YES. We have developed a number of options to suit a number of different existing systems which allows ParkingPerx to integrate with barrier control. Please contact our support team and we can discuss these and find out about your existing equipment to ascertain which option would be best for your Car Park.

We are acting as a collection agent for your parking fees and charge a transaction fee which is a percentage of the Parking session cost for each session managed / paid for via the ParkingPerx app. Please contact our Sales team for details.
The only additional costs you might face would be the deployment of your own support resources to integrate our APIs or provide APIs that we need to manage interfaces with your back office systems.

ParkingPerx collects rewards earned by Consumers from Businesses and batches this together into an Escrow account. Any parking sessions that have been paid for through redeemed ParkingPerx rewards are batched together on a periodic basis (weekly or monthly) and used as the basis to make a single payment to the Car Park Operator which is drawn down from the Escrow Account.

You decide whether you want a weekly or monthly payment.

YES. Our CPO Portal provides a full audit trail of all sessions that have been managed via the ParkingPerx app, including vehicle details, dates, times, session lengths, costs and how much ParkingPerx was redeemed as part of a parking session. This data can be exported to a number of formats too and we also have an API that would allow you to access this data from within your own systems.

ParkingPerx allows a user to part pay for their session using available ParkingPerx where they don’t have enough to cover the full cost. Any balance is collected as an additional step from within the app where the User will provide a Debit / Credit card and this is processed directly through our own payment gateway. The full cost of the parking session is then paid across to the Car Park Operator as part of the periodic batch transaction.

We market across a wide range of channels using a wide range of assets which includes but is not limited to Local and National Press, Local Radio, Social Media, Posters and other physical media in Car Parks and Shopping Centres, Point of Sale and Shop Window materials, B2C engagement via the local Business Improvement District, digital marketing from participating Merchants to their customers, direct emails to registered users and more.

We will supply and install Smart Beacons in your Car Park based upon a location scoping exercise that we will undertake to determine the best positions for their deployment. Smart Beacons are around the size of a £2 coin and will be deployed discreetly out of sight / reach. These are used as part of the functionality of the user app. There is no cost to you for anything – all we need is your permission.