Engage with Consumers

ParkingPerx is an engagement tool that allows Local Authorities to notify Consumers in real time about events, information, security, and public health warnings.

Protect your income by opening up your scheme and subsidising parking when Consumers spend at certain trading periods.


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Map the Consumer's journey

From where the Consumer lives, to where they park and their engagement with businesses, our powerful data provides ‘Smart Cities’ insight and analysis on when, where, why and by whom our towns and city centres are being used.

Use this information to target relevant Consumers through instant interaction.

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How this helps you...


Civilian engagement portal

Local Authorities can create, distribute, collect, and analyse survey and feedback data from Consumers about their services.


Boost the economy

ParkingPerx opens up the opportunity for Local Authorities to boost the scheme by subsidising parking to increase footfall at known quiet times.

Business Improvement District

Measurable ROI

Create a granular link between parking and spending on the High Street which is easily measured and more insightful than footfall cameras.

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ParkingPerx is an innovative app which can help increase footfall by offering a parking incentive through high street spending. Through Consumer engagement in real time, you can instantly send important information as well as mapping their journey from their home right through to where they shop.