A loyalty scheme for shopping offline

ParkingPerx is a loyalty solution that rewards you with free parking for spending with your favourite brands on your local high street. After downloading the app, its only 3 simple steps to start earning your ParkingPerx.

Look out for the ParkingPerx app, coming soon to iOS and Android.

Park Free in 3 simple steps


Register your card(s)

Add the cards that you use to pay in store to start earning your ParkingPerx rewards.


Spend in your favourite businesses

Earn rewards instantaneously when you make a qualifying purchase in store at your favourite cafes, shops, cinemas and more!


Park Free

Use your rewards to pay for your stay! Any ParkingPerx earned can be accumulated & used on subsequent visits.

How this benefits you

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Download the app

Free app for Android and Apple


No need for coins

Forget rummaging for change. One click and you're ready to go.


No speaking to robots

Set your length of stay and pay via your app.


No location codes

Your wireless 'handshake' occurs when you enter the car park.


No rushing back to your car

The app reminds you if your ticket is about to expire and allows you to top up.

Parking Ticket

No danger of a ticket

Navigate to ParkingPerx spaces and park in a participating car park.

Saving High Streets across the UK

With multiple parking locations and business partnerships across the UK and many more on the way, now is the time to be rewarded for spending on your high street.

With many different offers through businesses based on different elements, including spending and time of purchases, you’ll be rewarded with free parking.

Got a question? We’ve got the answers.

No – you can change your vehicle at any time via the Profile function on the app. Your ParkingPerx balance will not be affected.

Yes – just go to your Profile, select the ‘Vehicles’ section and select ‘Add Vehicle’.

Yes – you can have up to 5 Debit or Credit cards. To add or change your registered cards, go to your Profile, and select the ‘Registered Cards’ section.

All current Business Partners' offers are listed in the ‘Offers’ section of the app. You can filter and sort these offers by a number of parameters and view them as a list or as locators on a map using the ‘Map View’.

All of the car parks / parking areas in your area are shown by selecting the ‘Park’ function on the app. By selecting the locator tag for any of the highlighted Car Parks you will be shown key details about the parking facility and directions on how to get there.

Simply download and open the app – if you have not previously registered, simply select ‘Register My Account’ on the opening login screen. You will then be take to a form where you will need to provide details about you, your vehicle(s) and the Debit and Credit cards you want to register.

We post regular updates via our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram including when new Business Partners have been added and new offers become available. If you have signed up for email notifications, you will also receive regular updates from us.

Yes – simply tap the ‘heart’ icon next to the offers you like. You can filter / sort offers / Business Partners by your favourites using the options on the ‘Offers’ function.

Yes – Each Business Partner can add new offers and change their offers at any time. Plus we are always adding new Business Partners – so its worthwhile signing up to our email subscription and keeping your notifications settings 'on'!

You can access a receipt for your parking session by selecting the transaction from the transaction history function on your account. This can be shared via email as an attachment.